Rapuze Möbel will offer all DIY Workshops in english and germanFrom now on we will offer all our DIY Workshops in english and german

From now on I will offer my DIY Workshop Milk Paint in English too. In the early summer I tried it out to explain everything for our german clients in german and for all the others in english and it worked quite well.

Rapuze Möbel will offer all DIY Workshops in english language too

From now on we offer all our DIY Workshops in english and german

So if your new in Germany or Berlin and not too firm in the german language, come along and get everything explained and told in englisch. From time to time I have to look things up in the dictonary to answer all the questions but all in all it is fun to do the DIY Workshop bilingual.

The Workhop`s program

During the DIY Workshop Milk Paint in english and german we will show you how to handle Milk Paint. We will explain to you how to mix it properly to produce with milk paint the effects you like to have on your furnitures at home.

During the Rapuze DIY Workshop you may try out the handeling with milk paint, the use of stencils and different vintage techniques

During the DIY Workshop you will get to know the handeling with milk paint, vintage techniques, the use of stencils and a lot more.

You may try out all the different shades of our milk paint color line from Miss Mustard Seed. Further on we will tell you how to create different vintage looks. Later on you can try everything out yourself and style your own item and get to know effect waxes and the use of stencils, if you like. Besides we can tell you a lot about restoring furnitures, the cultural history of milk paint and answer all your questions.

If you are already planing an upcycling project at home we can offer you support

If needed we can offer you style and color inspirations for an upcoming DIY project at home

Where and when

Usually we are not more than 4 or 5 participants in the DIY Milk Paint Workshop in english and german to keep the day individual and calm for everyone.Of course you may bring one or two friends with you (or 4).

If you like bring your friends along to the DIY Workshop - the maximum of participants is 5

Bring your friends along to our DIY Workshops – the maximum of participants is 5

By the way, we start always at 11:00. During the Diy Workshop you will be offerd free beverages like tea, coffee & water and there will be snacks & cookies for you.

                          Upcoming: Sunday   16th of June  2019 ,  11:00 am

                   The location is in the beautiful garden district 12205 Berlin Lichterfelde-West:

                                                Location: Ringstr. 52, 12205 Berlin

You can easily get there by public transport: Take the S1 to Rathaus Steglitz, then the bus 188 to Carstenn/Ringstr. – there you are. By car you may take the A103 to Rathaus Steglitz, then go straight on ` Unter den Eichen´, turn left in the Drakestr.The price p.P. is 90,- Euro.

Rund um unser neues Rapuze Möbel Studio gibt es jede Menge schöner alter Häuser und Gärten, die wir uns während einer Workshop Schaffenspause ansehen können

If you have enough time during the DIY Workshop we can take a walk along the beautiful little streets in Lichterfelde

As we work with paint, oil and waxes it might be an idea to wear not your gucci and prada outfits. – If your are interested contact me via this page, via mail or phone: 0178 9230627 (Annette).




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